The Cordovan Game

To create communications that engage, we have our own tool, The Cordovan Game – a game and a process in which we, together with you the customer, identify the drivers and barriers that exist in engaging the target audience.

The marketing map has been redrawn. Every day new media channels are launched, buying processes are becoming increasingly complex and consumer power continues to increase. To help our customers we have developed The Cordovan Game. A workshop and a strategic tool in which we involve corporate marketing and management teams to ensure they understand their market in depth, and thus manage to engage their audiences in such a way that it drives business value.

In the game we gather around the board to jointly share and discuss knowledge and experience such as the target audience, media habits, category, competitors and customer buying behaviour. A fun game then becomes an effective tool to solve the mysteries surrounding the customer journey. You gain important insights about the positioning puzzle and create the ultimate touch point strategy.

Through our playing method we lay the foundation for a communications strategy. And based on our insights, we then develop concepts, ideas, content and activities that guide the buyer - through well-defined touch points - on a journey of awareness and interest in the purchase and loyalty phases - a journey that will ultimately strengthen your brand and your business.

Sound fun? Sound interesting? Of course it is.


Do you want to play the game with us?
Email mikael.stenberg@cordovan.se