Cordovan won Agency of the Year Sweden 2020

Cordovan won Agency of the Year Sweden 2020

Cordovan was recently elected one of Sweden’s best advertising agencies. That’s thanks to our clients who evaluated us in the yearly trade survey Agency of the Year. So, we would like to express a big Thank You to all our fantastic clients who literally made us one of Sweden’s best agencies!

Research company Regi has named Agency of the Year for two decades, by charting how satisfied Sweden’s largest buyers of communication services are with their agencies. In this year’s survey, 142 agencies took part and 14 winners were elected. And the winners in the category advertising agencies size 15–25 MSEK are us – Cordovan Communication.

"Agency of the Year is the finest award an agency can win, because the competition is based on the assessments of our clients"

Agency of the Year is based on the most comprehensive trade survey of its kind. In total, 2,300 marketing managers and buyers of communication services participate in the survey. The assessment includes some 40 questions and 14 criteria where clients rate the agency’s creativity, strategic competence, digital capabilities, proactivity, and engagement. The criteria where Cordovan ranked highest were engagement, account management, and delivery security. 

“The competition is important to us, because the yearly survey provides valuable feedback on how we can improve”

All that remains to be said now is thank you once again to our fantastic clients who took the time to respond to the survey – and who were so generous with incredibly positive ratings and evaluations.

Photo: Pax Engström for Resumé magazine